Monday, August 20, 2012

 Girls the dresses I posted are from the fall sale on For Bleuette I am making more of these particular design if you are interested let me know.The dresses are just darling and make a lovely party dress for bleuette .The dress and underwear sets sell for $65.00 AUD plus $5.10 postage this silk is so soft and light just floats and perfect for our girls .The length with lace measures 7" from neck nape I will make in ivory white baby blue and soft pink. 


  1. They are just gorgeous, Kay, pink is my favorite color. Someday when my ship comes in I will be clanging at your door! I just love seeing your photos of such beautiful works of art!
    Linda P

    1. Linda thank you for your kindness I will endeavour to place more on my blog I have had problems with my eyes over this past year.All shall be corrected by christmas Im told .I look forward to you clanging on my door anytime bless You Kay xx

  2. Oh Kay, who made this exquisite blond doll? The dresses are wonderful.

  3. Hi Nancy I made all of my dolls I do love this one particular doll her name is Victoria after my granddaughter .I just love Bleuettes with a passion there so sweet and just lovely to play with hahah.Thanks Nancy for your help and asking for a comments and subscribe by email.You are so kind kay


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