Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1880s Bridal Gown

Girls I have been busy sewing for Winter Wonderland here in Australia it is one of the largest doll shows in Australia and I was asked to make a gown for a 28" Jemeau who is going to be the the feature doll in the large bridal display they are having Im so thrilled as the gown is finished and the ladies have just rang me to tell me how wonderful the gown looks and fits I didnt have a pattern or the doll to make the gown .The gown was to inspire the late 1880s .The lace is devine lovely chantilly just beautiful lots of lovely pattern I also used dupion silk to underline the gown .I do hope you enjoy the photos of the making of the gown as I went along Photos will be added when taken at the the show .

Monday, May 7, 2012

Girls news is I have sold all of my gowns in the for Bleuette Sale I will not be sewing now until I have had my eye operation keep popping in to see when I resume posting my new designs.
Thank you to everyone for participating in the which has been an outstanding success.

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